Family Medicine

Regional Health Clinic at Terrell is excited to announce that our Family Nurse Practitioner Nkechi R. Idemudia is now accepting patients seeking Family Medicine services and treatments. The following services are now being offered at our Terrell clinic:

Acute and Chronic Medication Management: Providing excellent care and attention to patients to diagnose and treat acute or chronic illness. Nkechi will prescribe the necessary medication to treat the diagnosis to ensure patients maintain good health. This includes routine check-ups, cold and flu season and more.

Intra-Articular Injections: Our Provider(s) is/are trained and certified to provide patients with localized injections to treat joint pain and/or inflammation.

Laboratory Services: Regional Health Clinic at Terrell is equipped to provide a variety of diagnostic testing, blood work, and many other clinical testing conveniently in the office. Common blood tests include Diabetes, Allergy, Genetic, Cholesterol, Thyroid, and Anemia.

Physical Examinations: Maintaining good health requires routine checkups and annual physicals. Regional Health will also provide medical diagnostic examinations and will access patients’ medical history to set the most beneficial treatment plans.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals: Our goal is to complete your DOT physical and get you back on the road as soon as possible because we know how important you are to your work and your community.

Sports Physicals: Most schools and youth sports divisions require athletes to complete annual sports physicals before taking part in any activities. Our Provider(s) has provided sports physicals to athletes throughout the community for years.

Women’s Health: Comprehensive Women’s Health Exams, Pap Smears, and Pregnancy Tests are made available to female patients at Regional Health Clinic at Terrell.

Men’s Health and Low Testosterone Management: Our Provider(s) is/are available to provide a complete health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of common men’s health issues; as well as providing a treatment plan to increase low testosterone levels for male patients.

Pre-Employment Screening and Drug Testing: Regional Health Clinic at Terrell is conveniently located in Terrell and is quickly and easily able to provide necessary testing and screening required by a future employer including good health check-ups and complete drug testing.

…And so much more!